Project Aim

Eureka is an innovative, activity-centered social app. It aims to gather people with similar interests for more pleasant online and offline social experiences.

Research Plan

  1.    Online Survey:


Sample size: 24

Aim: Online survey access to a wide range of users that could reflect user tendencies of joining a social activity. Our survey is designed in a way that is helpful both to find the users’ real needs and to provide insights for specific functions that our App should consider.


  2.    Interview: 


Sample size: 3

Aim: Our team plans to interview about three people who have great comments on our ideas. This should be done by the end of week 1.


  3.    a/b testing: 

Sample size: 3

Aim: By committing a/b testing, we will be able to have a real user’s opinion on the mock-up of different design versions. This is planned to be done whenever we need to choose a design prototype from the other.

Data Analysis

More than half of the users admit that they have experienced hardness when holding an activity. Many of them say their friends don’t necessarily share the same interests with them. Thus, there is still a need for exploring more friends that share common interests.


Another concern is that people are unlikely to trust the one they meet on social media. As shown in the report, social media shares the least common way to meet new friends. ( Eureka would build a bridge between people you met online and offline and thus enhance your social experience)

Product Highlights

  • Personalized

    • Every user is not only a member of a club/organization/event but a real person who has unique interests.

    • Functionality: Personalized Profile

      • Eureka empathize on each user’s personality and interest in their profile

  • Connected

    • Build safe but unique connection between people

    • Functionality: Anonymous User

      • Users are free to hide parts of their information if necessary

      • However, the hidden information can be unlocked to another user who has build connection with this user

  • Creative

    • Eureka encourages everything to happen

    • Functionality: Eureka Story

      • By joining an activity, a user is free to upload text/pictures/video and share thoughts with the public.

Target User

Young people who would like to engage with others in a more effective way. More specifically: University students (age 18 - 25) in San Diego or NorCal area. 

Core Pain Point

  1.    Effective communication

Our research report that users regard ineffective communication as the number one problem while organizing an activity. 

  2.   Common interests

People want to hang out with the one who shares the same interest as them.


  3.    Well organization

People care about the reliability of organized activity. They are afraid to join an activity that barely meets their expectations.

User Journey Flow.png

Wire Frame

eureka wireframe.png

High Fidelity prototype

Main BBQ story 40.png
Main BBQ story 41.png
Main BBQ story 42.png
Search result.png
Search result2.png
Search result3.png
Create Event.png
Create Event-1.png
Create Event-3.png
Create Event-4.png

Reflection and contribution

"Communication is the key even if you speak visually."

Besides doing graphic designing, a designer shall be proficient in communicating with other people in your team. These people are my project manager, developer, mentor, and product design chair. Often times, we need to discuss to conduct the real product and to save work efficiency.

"Don't leave blank thought on any detail"

The design needs to be precise. Every design decision should be made for a solid reason. Commonly, consistency and usability should not be 

"A good user-centered design means not to conform but to guide users."