2-Minute Read: this page is designed to give you a quick view of part of my work in my internship at Dfocus.

Themes Ideation and Designs of DMeeting

What is DMeeting and what is my role?


DMeeting is part of the Space Management product line which aims to promote effecient work experience by offering systematic management of the space. Specifially, DMeeting systhesizes the resources on meeting rooms of a company.

Intern Duration:             2020.7 - 2020.10


Project Duration:           2 weeks

My Role:                         UI designer

The Team:                     Me + PMs + Developers + Operators + Sales

My Jobs Include:

1. Problem framing and ideations (Senario mapping + Sympathy exercise)

2. Rapid prototyping (Wire-Frame + Hi-fi prototype)

3. Product managemant

What is wrong with current DMeeting Pad?




As the mock up picture shows, Dmeeting Pad is an interactive terminal that usually hanged at the door of a meeting room. As its product line belongs to the field of Internet of Things,  the DMeeting Pad, the user and the environment has construct a sepcial relationship net among them.


It doesn't fit in our company because its color doesn't match. "

Looking for a spare time slot is time-cosuming and costly. "


My very first response:


Working Scope:


In a real business, user-centered design is not the only thing to consider. Working as a UI designer, I have to take far more responsibilities than design itself. My very first response to the problem is to have a deep talk with the product manage, sales and operation coordinator. This helped me to target precisely on the real core problem: the breadth of DMeeting Pad.

I realize one thing: Being a business product, DMeeting would hardly face the need of every client because every client had very specific demands, just like they all have different theme colors for their brands.

Breadth: Different themes (style+color+UX flow) that covers most of the main needs of the customers.

Depth: A single theme with customized modules and a fixed but friendly user experience flow.

Translate insights to design:


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